A Stronger Community

Surely we can all agree that we would like a community in which all of our citizens feel safe, have access to basic needs such as housing and quality health care, and have ample and equal opportunity to thrive.

I believe that when we use government tools to help our most impoverished residents and reduce other forms of hardship, we can re-strengthen and rebuild our community.

To make Linn County thrive, elected officials need input from not just a select few stakeholders, but all county residents. As a Supervisor, I would work to encourage civic engagement, so that county decisions can always be responsive to resident needs. In addition, Linn County must collaborate with other local governments and surrounding counties to achieve common goals.

Finally, community-building can only go so far until we also implement 21st-century economic development standards, which involves a shift in focus toward technology and human capital and investments in livable, walkable communities.

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