The Most Inspiring Candidates Running

Sofia Mehaffey is the embodiment of courage and resilience. Her life’s work has been spent elevating the most vulnerable and solving the hard problems for those who are so often overlooked. She put herself through college as a single mom and continued to get advanced degrees and training once she pulled herself out of poverty. This council has been criticized for being overly responsive to wealthy developers while letting the concerns of everyday residents and small businesses go unaddressed. I am confident that when Sofia is elected this will change and our city will be better with her leadership.

Pat Loeffler is one of the greatest champions for working people running for local office. I’ve known Pat for many years. He’s honest, he works hard, and he has a clear vision for our community. During all the years I have known him, he’s always been a strong advocate for local labor organizations and small businesses. Having a council member that understands the issues of everyday Cedar Rapidians is absolutely critical.

I’ve known Jorel Robinson for nearly my entire life. We grew up in the same neighborhoods and attended the same schools. Like so many people in this community, we grew up without much, but had a few people in our lives who loved us, who knew the value of work and did the best they could to raise us up to be good citizens.

There are many good candidates running for city council, but Jorel Robinson, Sofia Mehaffey, and Pat Loeffler are the most inspiring. They bring diverse perspectives that are sorely needed on this council, and they have experience – both firsthand and otherwise –  with the issues impacting working class people. I trust them all to be champions for the vulnerable. I hope that my friends in Cedar Rapids will give them careful consideration heading into the upcoming election.

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