Former Supervisor Says New Perspective Needed, Endorses Walker

After serving almost 14 years as a Linn County Supervisor, I was so pleased to see Stacey Walker step up and run to represent Linn County.

Walker is young and smart and has proved to be an energetic and engaged elected official who has worked hard to learn all the parts and pieces of being a Linn County supervisor.

As someone who worked with Jim Houser, I appreciate his service for the last 20 years, but it is time to make room for a new perspective. Things have changed greatly since I started in 2003 and even more since Houser began his service in the 1990s. Walker is respected by many who have worked with him, especially as he has worked to address the challenging issues that underlie the growth and change that is occurring in Linn County.

As Linn County moves back to three supervisors this year, I hope that people will vote to move forward with a fresh perspective and vote for Walker in the June 5 primary.

Linda Langston


This letter was originally published in the Gazette.

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