A Champion for Working People

When Stacey Walker was running for office, he worked with me on a grassroots campaign to raise the minimum wage. When he was elected, he voted to protect the wage increase. The person who needed to be convinced was Mr. Jim Houser. During the Board meeting where the issue of protecting the wage increase was being decided, I watched Stacey swivel his chair until he squared up with Mr. Houser. He pleaded with him to understand that thousands of working people like myself needed a raise. After a long monologue of convincing, Mr. Houser changed his mind on the issue.


Since being elected in 2016, Stacey has never voted to give himself a pay raise. Instead, he has twice voted to freeze his salary. His opponent – Jim Houser – criticized him for doing this, calling his vote “political.” I found it strange that a man who’s voted to give himself a raise to a salary of over $100,000 who collects a pension and is married to a physician who contracts with the county, would criticize Stacey for doing the right thing. The median income for a Cedar Rapidian is $54,000 which means anyone with a combined income of over $200,000 like Mr. Houser, should be satisfied with his six-figure public servant income.


Jim Houser has continually shown us that he is not satisfied. He has asked for reimbursements for mileage for traveling to meetings within the city limits during the flood of 2008 and he even complained that he was being treated like a “second-class citizen,” because of his low salary.


Stacey Walker understands the needs of ordinary people like me, a server at a local restaurant, paying his way through college. That’s why I’m voting for him.



This letter was originally submitted to the Gazette by Craig Tierney of Cedar Rapids.

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