A Candidate for Our Future

Stacey Walker is committed to our youth, because he is committed to our future

I met Stacey Walker when my son asked him to be a keynote speaker for a leadership conference he had organized. The purpose of the day was to cultivate diverse, outside of the box, youth leaders. The ones who will bring us into the future. The future which is all about inclusive planning and goal setting. Stacey’s message to the 200 area juniors and seniors was strong and powerful, “Realize your individual potential, stand up for what you believe in and start making a difference no matter how small now.”

The youth that were there that day were from all walks of life. They were mesmerized by Stacey and his story. He was able to make them feel something. Those students could see themselves in Stacey and vice versa. It was powerful in that he was able to let them dream. He convinced many in that room that day that apathy was the enemy.

Six months later I listened to him address the graduating class from Washington High School at their graduation ceremony. Once again he spoke to the infinite potential of the youth sitting before us empowering them with his words. What is unique about Stacey Walker is that these words were not just hopes he had for the crowd in front of him but words he himself lives by.

His commitment to inspiring our youth expands beyond keynote speeches. He continuously finds ways to engage our youth by teaching them about public service and government.

Stacey Walker understands that our future lies in the hands of our youth. He is committed to not only listen, teach, engage, inspire, empower but more importantly, lead by example. We can all benefit from the advice that he gave the graduating seniors of the Washington High School Class of 2017, “Go forth, dream big, work hard, change this world for the better.” He is a sorely needed asset to our community.



This letter was originally submitted to the Gazette by Jane Hutchins of Cedar Rapids.

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