Statement on Jerime Eron Mitchell and Officer-Involved Shooting


First let me begin by offering my thoughts and prayers to Mr. Jerime Mitchell and his family. I would also like to wish the injured officers involved in this incident a speedy recovery.


Over the past few years, this country has witnessed an uptick in high-profile officer-involved shootings. We have also seen many well-intentioned community activists protest this alarming trend. While some communities around the country experience a high volume of these incidents, this is only the second officer-involved shooting this year in Cedar Rapids, with the first being ruled that the use of deadly force by the responding officer was justified.


During this very difficult time, I urge everyone in the community to exercise restraint and patience and allow the investigation being conducted by the Iowa Department of Public Safety – Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to commence.


While I understand that some in the community are calling for the early release of the dash cam video and other details, it is imperative that investigators are allowed ample time to gather all of the evidence first. This will allow for a more thorough and fair investigation.


I spoke with Police Chief Wayne Jerman this morning, and expressed my concerns about the need for transparency during this process. He assured me that the Department is not withholding information for any other reason than to guarantee the best possible investigation.


I am confident, that in the end, justice will be done. At present moment, the system is working as it was intended, which is to allow for a fair and thorough investigation that will help guide the County Attorney’s office in determining whether or not the use of lethal force was justified in this case.

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