“Stacey Walker Is Ready To Lead” — Gazette Editorial Board Endorsement

In a rare open race for the Linn County Board of Supervisors, voters in Linn County’s 2nd District will choose between two young Cedar Rapids natives who clearly care deeply about the region they call home.

Adam Jensen, running as a Republican, is a veteran Army medic with an impressive history of exceeding expectations in school and in his career. Democrat Stacey Walker has an equally impressive resume, and also has taken a lead role in tackling some of the community’s most complex problems. While we strongly encourage Jensen to explore ways to bring his talents to public service, Walker earns our endorsement in this race.

Walker has done his homework regarding the duties of a county supervisor, and placed thoughtful consideration behind promises of fiscal responsibility, economic development and numerous other campaign buzz phrases.

We are impressed by Walker’s leadership on the Safe, Equitable and Thriving Communities Task Force and believe the information he’s gleaned about poverty and violence can be put to good use at the county level. Through this and other work, he has nurtured a vast and diverse sounding board of citizens — people he plans to consult regularly and encourage to be more active in local government.

Walker says he’ll practice “human-centered economic development” that includes citizen impact in cost-benefit analysis. Investments in public transit, walkability and community amenities are a core part of that plan, intended to entice younger, skilled workers into Linn County or encouraging them to stay.

District 2 includes the heart of downtown Cedar Rapids, the main Kirkwood campus and College Township south to the county line. There is no doubt that Walker has done the leg work and is knowledgeable on issues that impact these constituents. We encourage him, if elected, to continue to listen, especially to the rural residents he’ll also serve.

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