How Do We Stop Gun Violence?

We can address the problem of gun violence by working together to ensure every resident of this county has an opportunity to become a productive member of society and share in its economic prosperity.

With economic hardship becoming more pervasive, there is a growing population of marginalized individuals dealing with situational and generational poverty. As we address the systemic causes of poverty and economic hardship, we can provide more opportunities for the most vulnerable among us to reach economic stability. As expert Dr. Dorothy Stoneman puts it: When we invest in proven pathways out of poverty, we can radically diminish violence in our community.


  • As Chair of the Safe, Equitable, and Thriving Communities Task Force, I will continue to work with subject matter experts in the fields of education, law enforcement, social services, housing and economic development to investigate proven methods to create a safer, more prosperous and more equitable community.
  • I will work with law enforcement agencies like the Linn County Sheriff’s Department and the Cedar Rapids Police Department to build trust between the public and law enforcement professionals. Increased trust helps ensure that our officers are treated with the respect they deserve and that our communities are better served.
  • I will work with the Linn County Attorney’s Office to improve the odds for young people to bounce back and return to a healthy, productive life after an initial transgression. We will discuss and implement ways in which the legal community can use restorative justice practices to better serve youth and young adults involved in the criminal justice system.


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