Stacey Receives Endorsement of Hawkeye Labor Council

Hawkeye Labor Council Endorses Stacey Walker for Linn County Supervisor

Cedar Rapids, IA – Members of the Hawkeye Labor Council AFL-CIO voted unanimously to endorse Stacey Walker, Democratic candidate for Linn County Supervisor, at the monthly Executive Board meeting on Tuesday night. The coalition is the official organization of the national AFL-CIO in East Central Iowa, and its endorsement comes almost two months ahead of the Democratic primary election on June 7th.

“This was a fairly straightforward decision for our members,” said Rick Moyle, Executive Director of the Hawkeye Labor Council. “Over the years, Stacey has shown his commitment to workers, justice and policies that strengthen the middle class and give those among us who are less fortunate a hand up. I believe Stacey has our communities’ best interests in mind and that he will work hard on behalf of all working families.”

With over 8,000 members across affiliates in seven counties, the organization has a record of mobilizing members to support endorsed candidates.

“It’s an honor to have the unanimous backing of the Hawkeye Labor Council, a group whose organizational prowess has fought and won battles for fair wages, improved working conditions and other policies that help working families,” Walker said. “I look forward to gaining insight from their members on key issues.”

In election cycles in which more than one candidate is on the primary ballot, it is unusual for labor groups to announce an endorsement before the primary.

This endorsement arrives as a three-person committee of county officials collects applications from residents who wish to be appointed to fill the seat vacated by Linda Langston until the general election. Langston’s last day is this Friday, April 15th.

“Amid a highly political appointment process, this endorsement represents a high point for the campaign,” said Allison Ordman, Walker’s campaign manager. “The Hawkeye Labor Council offers a dedicated membership and significant resources. In many ways, their support is a game changer.”

The Hawkeye Labor Council AFL-CIO takes action not only for labor policies such as fair wages, workers’ compensation, and health care, but also for social welfare issues such as education and consumer protection.

If elected in November, Walker would be the first African-American to serve on the Linn County Board of Supervisors.


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